Isolation is our enemy once we leave and even whilst serving and there are no excuses for us not getting together.

Who we are

SSAANZ is a community support organization started by Ex-service people and staffed by veterans which is committed to improving the way Serving and Ex-service people interact, socialize and support each other.


By organising and subsidising sporting events and adventurous activity around New Zealand we provide a platform for our members to socialize in the outdoors of our amazing country whilst also enjoying the benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing from such activity.


In doing so, we also create a strong community for all who have served or are serving in the New Zealand Defense force maximising our ability to support each other and pool our resources in times of need.  At its core SSAANZ is a 'thank you' to all who have been prepared to put themselves in harms way for New Zealand.


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Fix Bayonets membership is based on those who have served with the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment and is open to the Regular or Territorial army. The infantry's primary role of 'seeking and closing with the enemy' is key to the NZDF's combat capabilities. The New Zealand Infantry has distinguished itself in theaters all around the world and continues its proud history of service to New Zealand.




Members of Certa Cito have served within the Royal New Zealand Corp of Signals . Essentially their tasked with maintaining communications throughout the Army and wider NZDF. The effectiveness of any Unit within the NZDF is directly relatable to its ability to communicate. This is the proud role of the RNZSigs.





The Mounted Trooper is for those who have served or been attached to the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corp. Armour has the proud role of providing the ‘fist’  to the NZDF's combat capability.  The key attributes of firepower, protection and mobility Tanks also play a key role on the battlefield.




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SSAANZ is actively looking for unit representatives. If your unit/branch is not represented it means we currently have no representative. If you would like to start a group within SSAANZ representing your unit/branch please get in touch with us




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The Royal New Zealand Navy is the maritime arm of the New Zealand Defence Force, with a proud history of war fighting, peace keeping and humanitarian operations both worldwide and at home.


Through planning and participating in adventure activities, Clear Lower Deck aims to engender comradeship and support for our currently serving personnel, veterans and their whanau.


 Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa.





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What We Do

SSAANZ has a four pronged approach to building a strong support network for service people in New Zealand.


  • Firstly we seek to join together serving and Ex-service people together within our organisation whilst grouping them with their 'Parent Unit/branch/Service. Eligibility has no stipulation on deployment history or time served. If you earned the right to wear the uniform you are eligible for membership.
  • Secondly we organise sporting events, activities and adventurous training for our members enabling us to socialise all the while learning new skills, having fun and greatly increasing our confidence, fitness and wellbeing.
  • Thirdly through our work as a charity we provide cost free spaces on every activity we organise to anyone within the NZDF community struggling physically or mentally. By owning our own means to support each other we parallel the levels of commitment shown to each other whilst serving and on operations around the world.
  • Fourthly by working closely with all other NGO's, Government departments and organisations tasked with supporting service people within New Zealand we can identify areas for improving outcomes for our unique community of Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen. Once a shortfall is identified we can provide much needed assistance wherever required through fundraising or allocation of funding.


How Can You Help?

Supporters and members of SSAANZ can assist in several ways. Firstly we are always in need of service providers whether it is to run adventurous activities or to assist at sporting 'flag ship' events.


Secondly SSAANZ seeks to be a enabler for supporters within New Zealand who appreciate the unique job description and the sacrifices NZ Service people make. These supporters can assist through funding or sponsoring events.

Thirdly we are a Not for Profit registered Charity and therefore we rely on our members and benefactors to assist with fundraising.


Lastly we assist the NZDF community with cost free slots on our activities to those amongst our peers who are struggling physically or mentally. We also help with referrals to the appropriate government organisations who can assist. With this in mind if you know of an service people who may be in need of assistance please get in contact.


If you think you can assist with any of the above then please get in touch with us.


Join Us

  • Eligibility to be a member of the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Association of New Zealand is based on service with the New Zealand Defence Force either Regular or Territorial.
  • As long as you have successfully passed your initial training and are/were entitled to wear your full service uniform, regardless of Deployment history or time served then you are eligible to become a member.
  • For those New Zealand Citizens who have served overseas we have a 'Foreign Service' sub group.
  • For a member to be accepted their service details must be confirmed and they must first pay their annual subs which can paid monthly or in a single annual payment.




Our aim is to improve the way serving and Ex-service men and women interact with each other through outdoor pursuits, adventurous activity and sporting endeavor.

Do you think you have an activity or a skill that could help benefit our servicemen? Why not get in touch with us today to see how you can get involved.



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